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Our range of wood burning and multi fuel stoves cover a range of styles and heat outputs. Our complete fitting service ensures that your stove is properly delivered, fitted and with adequate, safe, ventilation.

All of our the stoves we sell are manufactured to the highest standards from either cast iron or pre-stressed steel. Several stoves have optional back-boilers that provide hot water for either your existing central heating system or your bath.

To get the best from your stove there are some simply rules to follow:

  • A dedicated wood burner has a flat base inside the firebox, a multi-fuel stove will have a grate.
  • ALWAYS use properly seasoned wood. Green or wet wood will not acheive the same temperature and will leave tar and creosote coating your chimney or flue.
  • If using a multi fuel stove, check that the ash does not impede the flow of air into the firebox.
  Dawlish Wood Burning Stoves
We offer stoves from the following manufacturers:
Aarrow Franco Belge
Aga Hunter
Charnwood Morsø
Villager Stovax
Dovre Town & Country
dawlish multi fuel stove  

Many stoves come with features allowing ease of use or maintenance. Airwash is a common feature, directing the flow of heated gases within the firebox to keep the windows free from soot and ash.

Stove heat output is measured in kW. A small stove will be rated from 2 - 6 kW, while a large stove may be rated up to 20kW. The higher the output the larger an area the stove can heat. With a back-boiler the heat output defines how many radiators the boiler can heat.

Talk to us for advice on what sized stove you need for what you want.

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We can supply and fit stoves from the following manufacturers. More information is available:
Franco Belge
Town & Country
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