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Although not strictly stoves, Dovres' canopied fireplaces use the same principle of being enclosed to increase the efficiency of the fuel. These firepaces have the advantage of being fitted into inglenooks or hearths and can use multi fuels. All of Dovres stoves are cast iron and come with a 5 year guarantee.

Dovre 2000 Fireplace


The 2000 series of fireplaces come with a variety of hoods and can be fitted into a hearth or inglenook or (with a plinth) be freestanding. The fire box is suitably large and the door are four fold, allowing the stove body to be used as a traditional fireplace.

"Our stove has become a much admired feature in our room. The heat is amazing especially with it being freestanding and heat coming from every surface.

The glass in the doors needs to be cleaned every day, we started by using wood ash which worked well, now however we just use soapy water with a plastic (non scratch) pan scrub and the soot comes off very easily.

It was easy to install - with the help of a strong man!! " - Rachel, on WhatStove.co.uk - 4/5

  Dovre Multi Fuel Wood burning Stoves

Dovre 425 Stove


The 425 comes in either wood-burning or multi-fuel options. Available in a range of colours and with a traditional design, the 425 series offer an easy to use stove with airwash and controlable heat.

"brilliant very efficient" Stephen, on WhatStove.co.uk

  Dovre Wood burning Multi-Fuel Stoves
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