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Stovax have been making stoves since 1981 and have been always at the forefront of innovation. These highly efficient stoves and attractive stoves are part of Stovaxs wide range of products that also includes gas and electric fires.

Stovax offer stoves in both contemporary and traditional styles, with woodburning and many have optional boilers.

Brunel 1a


The Brunel 1a is beautiful stove with a traditional look and available in a selection of colours. Ideally suited to smaller rooms this stove is still rated at 4kw and is chock full of stovaxs typical features. Not to mention its high build quality and up to 84% efficiency. The clean burn and air wash systems ensure a clean window and low emissions.

"Very efficient for its size with both wood and Taybrite. Looks really good, burns well, effective controls, very responsive." - Dave Sutch, on WhatStove.co.uk - 5/5

  Stovax Multi Fuel Wood Burning Stoves

Austroflamm Tower XTRA Multi-fuel Stove


Contemporary and beautiful, the Austroflamm range offer the ultimate in multi-fuel or wood burning efficiency. The elegant designs all include panoramic views of the fire and the Austroflamm Tower XTRA model is no different.

Featuring Stovax heat memory system, the Austroflamm Tower XTRA releases heat more evenly and for longer allowing fewer reloadings of fuel. In addition this stove uses the external air burn system, removing the need for a vent into the room and removing any possibility of a draught.

  Stovax Wood Burning Multi Fuel Stoves
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