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Aarrow are famous for the high build quality of their stoves. Hand built in the UK to the highest standards, using traditional styles, Aarrow offer a lifetime guarantee on all of their stoves. All Aarrow stoves can be fitted with either a rear or top flue allowing more flexibility in where the stove is to be sited. Secondary burn and PADS (Primary Air Diversion system) features ensure that your Aarrow stove will be very efficient. Aarrows famous AirWash system uses the stoves own hot air to keep the glass clean, meaning you will have a beautiful view of the fire all of the time.

Examples of Aarrows range:

Aarrow Ecoburn 7 Wood Burning / Multi Fuel Stove


Part of the Ecoburn range, highly efficient and available as either wood-burning or multifuel. The Ecoburn 7 is constructed by hand from pre-stressed steel and comes with Aarrows lifetime guarantee.

The Ecoburn 7 has an optional 7500 btu back boiler. As a value for money system the Ecoburn is hard to beat.

"i have a boiler in this stove and when running flat out it runs 2 rads and supplies hot water,keeping it in overnight takes a bit of practice,im very pleased with it" - Russell Stafford, on WhatStove.co.uk - 4.7/5

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Stratford TF70B Boiler Stove


Manufactured by hand in the UK from pre-stressed steel the Stratford range of boiler stoves are true powerhouses, generating heat for the whole house. With a large firebox allowing your to stock the boiler for the night, the TF70B

The TF70B is the middle of the range model, producing 60,000 btus of heat. That's enough for 12 to 14 radiators throughout your house.

"Excellent boiler stove providing the fuel is good" - Pete Friday, on WhatStove.co.uk - 4/5

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