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Franco-Belge Wood Burning / Multi Fuel Stoves

Franco-Belge have a history of over 80 years. Their name is synonymous with heritage, quality castings and beautiful period designs. The product range contains both wood burning and multi-fuel stoves.

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Limousin Multifuel


The Limousin is one of the larger stoves in the Franco Belge range. The expansive glass door is kept as clear as possible with the strong airwash system.

Available with charcoal or matt black enamel finishes. The Limousin is a traditional design with the most modern of features, high efficiency.

  Franco Belge Multi Fuel Wood Burning Stoves

Belfort Multifuel


The Belfort is the smallest multi-fuel stove offered by Franco-Belge and ideally suited for small rooms or for use a secondary heat source. Also available in a gas model. The Belfort comes in a selection of six colours and has on optional brass trimmed door. A back boiler is available for additional hot water in your home.

"I have just fitted this stove and I am very pleased with it, it looks good, is very easy to light, is really controllable and heats up very quickly. This is the first wood stove I have had so I have not got anything to compare it with. We had an open fire before and this is much, much more controlable and efficient. Overall, very pleased and would recommend it. " Robert Shoebridge, on WhatStove.co.uk - 5/5

  Franco Belge Wood Burning Multi-Fuel Stoves
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