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Charnwood stoves are built by AJ Wells & Sons Ltd and have been for over thirty years. They manufacture a wide range of both wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves in a selection of colours suitable for any home. All Charnwood stoves use the QUATTROFLOW® system to allow more control of the stove. Many model are available with back boilers. All Charnwood stoves have a high efficency rating and low emissions, as well as conforming to all relevant safety regulations. They also allow easy access to the flue for cleaning through a drop-down plate.

Country 12


The Country 12 stove is distinctive due to it's 'V' shaped, outward angled doors. The gives a wider angled view of the fire. This stove is available with a boiler and an optional canopy.

Although not standard the Country 12 has an optional 'drop-in' grate adapter that converts your wood burning stove to multi-fuel.

The Country range of stoves come in a range of 8 enamel colours.

  Charnwood Multi Fuel Wood Burning Stoves

Cove 2


The Charnwood Cove 2 is a high efficiency multi-fuel stove with a simple design and comes with a variety of stands and colour finishes. It's single door is curved slightly to give a wider view of the fire and the AirWash system keeps the glass clean. A simple to use stove with easy to control heat levels.

"Had this stove in use for two years. Easy to light, the single combined air control couldn't be more user friendly, equally at home burning wood or smokeless coal using clever grate changer. Looks good and gives out plenty of easily controllable heat. Glass air wash system works well though occasional glass cleaning still cleaning needed which takes no more than a couple of minutes. A fine product. " - R Thomas, on WhatStove.co.uk - 5/5

  Charnwood Wood burning Multi-Fuel Stoves
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