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Esse Wood Burning / Multi Fuel Stoves

  Dawlish Wood Dartmoor Multi Fuel Stove Supplier
With a wide choice of heat outputs, sizes and styles, Esse have a stove to suit virtually any home and heating requirement. Whether you are looking for a dedicated woodburner or a true multi-fuel stove you will find it here.

Esse 700 Series Stoves


Built from steel and cast iron, the Esse 700 is a large output stove with an optional back boiler. The large firebox makes it suitable for overnight burning. The traditional design belies the very well designed air flow systems. The 700 uses an innovative handle-free door design.

Available in both wood-burning and multi-fuel options. The 700-17B boiler stove generates 60,000btu total heat for the hot water and central heating system.

  Esse Multi Fuel Wood Burning Stoves

Esse 300 / 350 Series Stoves


Both the 300 and the 350 are in-set stoves, designed to fit into a fireplace. They both use convection to heat rooms evenly and efficiently. The 300 can be fitted without removing the fire back.

"We LOVE our Esse - as long as you use dry seasoned wood and keep it cleaned properly every few months - this works like a dream - gets very hot and keeps our entire ground floor level toast and warm on even the coldest mornings - Can't recommend highly enough!!!" - L Mitchell on WhatStove.co.uk - 5/5

  Esse Wood Burning Multi-Fuel Stoves
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